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Adulteration Dipstick

€ 503.00

Alcohol - ALC - Rapid Test Cassette

€ 460.00

Alcohol - ALC - Rapid Test Dipstick

€ 503.00

Breast milk Alcohol Rapid Test Panel

€ 359.00

BZO Rapid Test Cassette

€ 313.00

Carfentanyl - CFYL - Rapid Test Panel

€ 374.00

Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Cassette

€ 483.00

CMV IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette

€ 354.00

Cotinine - COT - Rapid Test Cassette

€ 403.00

Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Cassette

€ 374.00

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